Google Tries To Mimic Facebook’s Commenting Structure


According to reports, Google is working on a new commenting system that is said to rival Facebook’s commenting platform.  This could really help Google + gain more popularity and possibly take some interest away from Facebook.  Here is what the report said from The Next Web describing the new commenting platform:

The Google comment system, which will almost certainly rival that of Facebook, will have deep links to Google’s network of services and websites, indexing comments in Google Search, and most significantly, the system will be available for use on third party sites”

Google is finally starting to get back in the fight against its competitors.  Analysts have been very harsh with Google’s lack of success in the last few years.  I have read in some areas that a lot of analysts and pundits have lost faith in the management’s ability to successfully lead Google.  Now although it may be true, Google has been going through a bit a rough patch but look at two of its top competitors: Apple and Facebook.  Do you have any idea how difficult it is to face two different global technology leaders and still be able to survive?

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We will have to see how this new commenting system turns out and how well it integrates with Google’s platform.  I believe Google has what it takes to take away share from Facebook.  Remember, Google’s Android devices are the only phones that have taken away market share from Apple, however Apple still dominates the market.  Regardless, Google is all about competing and taking market share from the dominating source.  Its Google + social networking site is aimed at taking share from Facebook, however it is relatively new so it will take some time before we are able to see the true power of Google +.

The tech giant has had some trouble giving shareholders value in the past few years but they are still a tech superpower that is capable of dominating markets such as phones and social networking.  The good news is that earnings growth is good with sales growth at 30% over a year and its EPS growth comes in at 13% over a year as well.  So, earnings wise they are solid but Google needs a breakthrough.  It has been awhile since Google released something that would put it back on top, look for clues over the next few months to determine if there are any new products or events happening that would propel Google’s status.

via: TheNextWeb

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