Facebook’s Timeline Is Coming Today, Whether You Like It or Not

Facebook's Timeline Is Coming Today, Whether You Like It or Not

The mixed reviewed Timeline on Facebook will be coming to Pages today.  The Timeline has been available as an option for the past couple of months but we knew it would eventually be a requirement.  The most noticeable change from a regular Facebook page to a Timeline page is the cover photo, which comes up immediately when you click on a “friend’s” profile.  Next, all conversations are archived by year, like a timeline.  You are able to go back to the very first day you started using Facebook and see what you were saying, talking to, etc.

Now all Pages are required to have the Timeline, there is no choice.  What does this mean for the rest of the people who are still using the traditional layout?  By the time summer rolls around, you may not have a choice anymore.  This is all part of Facebook’s plan to revamp the social networking site’s image and bringing in new styles for fellow users.

Most businesses had already switched over to the Timeline because it is easier to show off products and such of that nature.  However, a majority of people still use the traditional set up.  Fortunately, the Timeline can be changed to show very little personal information or it can show everyone the exact date you were born and when you joined Facebook, etc.

Facebook has also been joining the app phenomenon by encouraging Facebook members to use new apps.

In my opinion and from what I hear from people I know that use Facebook, they change the outlays too much.  It seems as if every time I go online, there is some sort of change to the layout or the chat feature, this gets annoying after awhile.  This could partially be the reason why so many people are resisting the new Timeline layout.  In addition, I feel that the Timeline feature shares a little too much of your personal information because it archives everything which can be searched by year.  In addition, it shows other possibly sensitive information that I don’t know if I would want other people to know.  All I am saying is that the new Timeline feature could be too much for some people who want to just reconnect with friends and family, rather than give away personal information over the web to essentially anyone.

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