Australian Govt. Approves Apple’s iOS For Storing & Sharing Secret Data

Australian Govt. Approves Apple’s iOS For Storing & Sharing Secret Data
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Australian Govt. Approves Apple's iOS For Storing & Sharing Secret Data

 The Australian government made an announcement that will change the way they utilize technology when conducting business operations. They just approved the use of Apple’s iOS system which means that they can use the iPhone and iPad to store and share sensitive information.

Mike Burgess, the Acting director for Australia’s Defence Signals Directorate, explained why a  careful evaluation was necessary, “”Embracing new technologies, such as smartphones and tablet PCs, provides government with a genuine opportunity to conduct its business more efficiently. However, the threat of government information being stolen or compromised is also very real.”

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The Australian government isn’t the only one  that uses Apple Inc.’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) mobile products to conduct government business operations.  The United States government has already traded their computers and Blackberry phones for iPads and iPhones respectively. And more recently, the U.S. Airforce wants to purchase iPads for the military to use inside select cargo air craft.

The reason for governments opting for Apple iOS products over Google’s Android is simply because of better security. Last summer, Symantec announced that Apple’s operating systems are completely immune to malware and less susceptible to lose data, and other security problems. The same things could not have been said for the Android operating systems.

As more government agencies from around the world make the switch to Apple iPads and iPhones, the demand for secure technology will only increase. If most technology can’t come up with equally reliable products and systems, Apple could soon dominate the entire technology industry. The one thing that is scary about this is that could make them a huge target. Right now we know that the iOS is virtually a safe and secure system but in time, it could lose that safety if hackers and virus creators come up with ways to work around that system.  I just hope that Apple’s creators will continue to keep a close eye on their iOS programs  and keep them safe for everyone.

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