Apple Products Are Now in Half of US Homes

Apple Products Are Now in Half of US Homes
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Figures released today showed that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has sold enough devices to give it a foothold in peoples lives that few could have imagined fifteen years ago. Today’s figures show that around 55 million US households now have at least one Apple product. That’s a country almost drowning in iPods, iPads, Macs and iPhones. The figures are taken from a CNBC survey which came up with the results.

Apple Products Are Now in Half of US Homes

Some of the results show things we might have already guessed. Apple users are more likely to be male and college educated. They are also more likely to be wealthy. 77% of those earning over $75000 a year owned at least one of the firm’s products. That delineation shows the company’s real target market and their marketing campaign has been effective. The need for tablet computers among professionals and student has become furious and the more of the items bought the more the pressure will roll on. There is also a significant layover in these figures with the inclusion of the iPod in the listings. The iPod has become an almost forgotten part of Apple’s line up since its revolutionary entries into the mobile phone and tablet market. So many of those device were purchased in the first half of this decade that they may have a severe bias on the ownership figures.

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The news will give more gentle psychological encouragement to the world’s most valuable company as it continues to grow. The company has at this juncture sold around 315 million of its iOS devices worldwide since their inception. More inspirational for the company is that almost half of that growth came in the last year. The ubiquity of the iPad as the worlds preeminent tablet have confirmed the company’s position once again at the head of the posse when it comes to innovation and setting trends in the consumer electronics space. The company continues to thrive in spaces it is opening up and the only real problem voiced about them is the distance in time to their next release.

That having been said this survey should be taken with a grain of salt. CNBC only interviewed 836 households in order to get their figures. This is quite a small sample size, particularly in a 110 million household diverse America. The survey also refused to differentiate between devices meaning we can’t be sure what king of person is more likely to buy which kind of device.

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