Apple’s (AAPL) iPad Release Sends Stock Soaring Near $600 A Share

Apple’s (AAPL) iPad Release Sends Stock Soaring Near $600 A Share
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Apple's (AAPL) iPad Release Sends Stock Soaring Near $600 A Share

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) shares continue their rise closing in on $600 dollars a share. At 14:40 pm EST Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) shares were at 584.5 per share up almost three percent from yesterdays close. The rise comes on a prediction out of Morgan Stanley that the stock could rise close to $1000 in a years time. Apple have undergone success after success in recent years rising to become the biggest manufacturer in the smartphone market and dominating the market for tablets with its iPad. The new iteration of its tablet device was announced to be available at 8am EST this Friday adding credibility to predictions that the stock will climb above 600 before then. The iPad is set to continue its alpha market share among tablet computers.

The new device has many advances that critics expect will continue to fuel high demand for the product. The screen resolution has been increased dramatically and the new CPU and graphics chips are more powerful than previous versions. The iPad will also be able to function over 4G LTE a new standard in faster wireless data. Apples dominance of the market stems from their design marketing and innovation strategies which together mix into a potent business plan. In design Apple has outperformed itself again and again, with machines known for their reliability and ease of use while taking advantage of the latest in software and hardware to create what customers feel is a finished professional product. Marketing for Apple comes through all aspects of its devices and is one of the reasons it is so successful. It keeps its software and its hardware unique looking and feeling while advertising with eyecatching advertisements and word of mouth. Their marketing has created a hardcore fan base who can often be seen arguing in internet comment sections about the superiority of Apple’s products.

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The company’s most important asset is its innovation however. In the days when the iPod dwarfed any other device in the market for MP3 players and the MP3 player was ubiquitously known as an iPod it would have been easy for the company to sit back. They didn’t however instead innovating and with the iPad creating a new market for an entirely new device. Turn of the century tablet computers provided by windows were clumsy and ultimately a failure. Apple launched the iPad and with it the Tablet computer industry. Almost every tech company in the world now has some interest in the devices but none have managed to take Apple’s lead.

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