AnonOps: Anonymous OS is wrapped in Trojans

AnonOps: Anonymous OS is wrapped in Trojans
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AnonOps: Anonymous OS is wrapped in Trojans

Renowned Hacker Group Anonymous made a release today on the subject of Anonymous-OS which was purportedly released by the Group. The Linux based operating system was released earlier this week and has since been downloaded over 26,000 times. Anonymous said the desktop OS is “wrapped in trojans”. The operating system is based on the popular distribution of Linux known as Ubuntu and comes with several preinstalled software tools. The post from Anonymous was made via the groups “official” twitter account AnonOps. The operating system was made available on the Sourceforge download platform, a popular tool for freeware but also a minefield of often dangerous malware.

The group who released the OS operating from a Tumblr blog tried to convince people of the OS’s credibility by misconstruing AnonOps message. They protested that Linux was not full of malware and was a safe operating system. The attempt to miscontrue their own customized Ubuntu with regular distributions of the OS should fall on deaf ears. If the Anonymous group are aware of anything it is malware. The group has received increased attention in recent years after a number of high profile Denial of Service Attacks. These attacks were perpatrated with custom software that sent so many requests to web pages that they closed under the pressure. Victims have included large corporations and governments all over the world including the CIA and Mastercard.

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The news comes as a warning to all of those with trust in anonymous and not because of the groups goals or its actions. The group is a multiheaded cloud of users from the disaffected early teen to experienced computer hackers such as Sabu of Lulzsec who was revealed to have been a federal informant after arrests made recently. The groups lack of trustworthiness comes from the many voices speakin out at once saying different thing with no leading voice. The closest the group has to a legitimate head is the Twitter Account AnonOps. That account is still not a holistic PR spout for the group but only for certain aspects of its operations. Anonymous’s complicated disorganisation is seen as the group’s greatest asset by many within the fold but it can not be denied that the lack of a central authority and stamp of approval leads to situations like this one.


The Anonymous OS is known to contain several Trojans and is not a safe operating system for any user. The software is reminiscient of a tool earlier this year purportedly from Anonymous. That tool while it said it was for attacking websites anonymous style contained malicious code that infected many.

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