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    Apple’s Next iPhone: What Are The Specs?

    Following the release of Apple Inc.’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) new iPad model last week the rumor mill has been working hard speculating about the specs of the company’s next iPhone. The release is expected to be announced some time between late next Summer and next Fall. The iPhone 4s was released last October 14th, so a release much earlier than that would severely shorten the previous device’s life cycle. The specs of the next model are hotly debated. Here’s our roundup of the the rumors surrounding the release.

    Beginning with what we can learn from the iPad’s recent release the name of the next iPhone will probably be just that. Before the iPad was released speculation was divided between those who expected an iPad 3 and those who thought it would be called the iPad HD. Apple surprised everyone by simply calling it the iPad. This seems to be a correction to the naming structure of the devices that began with the release of the iPhone 4, stemming from the title iPhone 3GS. If Apple continued the convention it would result in ridiculous sounding titles within the decade if yearly releases continue. The iPhone fourteen doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. Because of this it is probable that there will never be an iPhone 5, there will simply be the new iPhone.

    Speculators have found evidence that Apple has ordered a new 4.6″ Retina screen from its suppliers showing that Apple may give in to demand and produce a larger screened device. The move follows the increase in size of the screens of Android devices that has been continuing for some time. Up until now all models of the iPhone have had a 3.5″ screen so the change would be a drastic one.

    One thing we can be certain of is that the device will come with increased technical specs as every previous model has. It will have a faster processor and possibly boost its RAM up to 1GB. Whether or not they choose to continue with the iPad massive CPU scaling, the new processor in that device is 310% bigger than the iPad 2’s, is difficult to know but indications that the device gets far too hot for users may push Apple to keep to less ambitious increases. Nobody wants a 100 degree firestorm in their pocket.

    When the new iPad comes out we’ll all surely be impressed and I for one will definitely want one. Until then expect rumors of its specs to come at you with every internet turn.


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