Temp Employment Rises & I’m A Shill For Obama

First the news:

The temp staffing index continued its climb ans is now above 2009-11 levels. This is especially encouraging for employment through Q1 and into Q2 as we are seeing the gap between 2011 and 2012 widen meaning employment trends continue to strengthen from current levels…..

Things seems to be getting better at an increasing rate

NOTE: I received a ton of emails the last few moths saying I am a “shill for the Democrats and Obama” and that I am pushing their recovery agenda. Seems as the political season heats up, everything people read must have an agenda. Still others thank me “for my support”. Now, nothing could be further from the truth. Anyone who has followed me here or on twitter for more than a few days would recognized instantly my leanings and they don’t “go left”. However, when I am looking at economic data and making investment decisions based on them, the occupant of the White House or Congress means nothing to me. Truth be told I have little use for the current President and his policies. That being said, the data is what it is. I have been saying here for over a year now this recovery would be sustained and that employment was going to continue to get better (slowly but consistently). I also openly challenged the “double dippers” all last years and continue to do so now on their prognostications and said there was no way we see one in ’11 or early ’12.

Those opinions had/have ZERO to do with politics and 100% to do with the way I read the data I follow. I’m not sure it is possible to make money while parsing economic data through your “political filter”. I do know this, I have no desire to find out…..

The Charts:
Temp Employment Rises & I’m A Shill For Obama