GAAP-ucino Version 1.5 – GMCR

GAAP-ucino Version 1.5 – GMCR

GAAP-ucino Version 1.5 - GMCR

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The following is from my friend who has a short position in GMCR:

Rather than bore you with yet another (recycled) Green Mountain Coffee Roasters short thesis of David Einhorn’s original GAAP-uccino, the attached presentation, “GAAP-ucino Version 1.5”, details two fresh, underappreciated reasons why GMCR is a strong sell, with an initial price target of $15.00/ share (currently trading for around $53.00/share).
Note that this report is 39 pages long, and is part I of III. The complete report will likely be at least 110 pages long. Please distribute and discuss freely.

These experts’ (crime fighters) many concerns sound as if they come straight out of a Harvard Business School
Case Study:

How A Weakening PE Market Serves As Another Sign Of A Weakening Economy

InvestAmid the turmoil in the public markets and the staggering macroeconomic environment, it should come as no surprise that the private markets are also struggling. In fact, there are some important links between private equity and the current economic environment. A closer look at PE reveals that the industry often serves as a leading indicator Read More

  •  Accounting/Fraud Issues: Overstating Revenue,Understating Expenses, Capitalizing Expenses, Channel Stuffing, etc. all to meet Wall Street Estimates
  •  Improper Conduct/Violation of Laws: Violations of Regulation FD, Insider Trading, Securities Fraud, Peculiar relationship with quasi-captive distributor, etc.
  •  Fundamental Problems: Zero cash flow since Keurig Acquisition, 100% dependent on external capital, Abysmal earnings quality, reliance on acquisitions to meet/beat expectations, Reduced/changing transparency of operating metrics, Patent expiration, etc.

GAAP-Uccino 1.5 – Part I of III – 2012 02 01

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