GAAP-ucino Version 1.5 – GMCR IIa of III

GAAP-ucino Version 1.5 – GMCR IIa of III
GAAP-ucino Version 1.5 - GMCR IIa of III
From a friend:
Rather than bore you with yet another (recycled) Green MountainGAAP-ucino Version 1.5 - GMCR IIa of III Coffee Roasters short thesis of David Einhorn’s original GAAP-uccino, the attached presentation, “GAAP-ucino Version 1.5?, details two fresh, underappreciated reasons why GMCR is a strong sell, with an initial price target of $15.00/ share (currently trading for around $69.00/share).
Below you will find my latest report on Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, titled “GAAP-uccino 1.5 Part IIa”.
I currently hold no position in the underlying security, or derivatives of it (I’m in 100% cash); having said that, I reiterate my price target set on my first report, and believe there are a couple dozen catalysts of indeterminate time duration (other than patent expiration) that will punish the stock in the near future. Therefore, I am releasing my work on GMCR, as a public service.
Please feel free to share and distribute. I plan on releasing Parts IIb and Part III within the next 2 quarters. Hope all is well.

Gaap-uccino 1.5 – Part Iia of III – Final

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