Foxconn: A Look Inside Apple’s Magic Factory

    For the first time in entire Tech history reporters were allowed to go inside Foxconn – Apple’s Magic Factory in China.

    Foxconn: A Look Inside Apple's Magic Factory

    Have a look at ABC’s 5 minutes show inside Foxconn the maker of iPad and iPhone in China, and watch how the factory workers “who are dedicatedly working day and night for giving us the world’s most rapidly selling mobile device” are living their life.

    Michael Mauboussin’s 10 Attributes of Great Investors [Pt.1]

    michael mauboussin, Credit Suisse, valuation and portfolio positioning, capital markets theory, competitive strategy analysis, decision making, skill versus luck, value investing, Legg Mason, The Success Equation, Think Twice: Harnessing the Power of Counterintuition, analysts, behavioral finance, More Than You Know: Finding Financial Wisdom in Unconventional Places, academics , valuewalkIn 2016, Michael J. Mauboussin completed his 30th year on Wall Street. The analyst, who was working at Credit Suisse at the time, decided to celebrate by reflecting on the ten attributes of great investors he had observed over the previous three decades. He published his ideas in a report in August 2016. I've summarised Read More

    This is just a few minutes of the full show which will be on aired today in ABC’s ‘Nightline‘ – a late-night television news program. We will keep you updated by posting the full show when it will be available.