Balestra Capital Partners up 1620% since 1999: January Stat Sheet

Balestra Capital Partners up 1620% since 1999: January Stat Sheet


Balestra Capital Partners,L.P.(the“Fund”) is a discretionary global macro-economic hedge fund, which emphasizes long term investment themes based on economic data, market pricing, demographic, social, political and other factors. Itutilizes dynamic asset allocation and hedging to implement its strategy. Investment themes will be implemented through selective purchases or short sales of instruments across the entire spectrum of derivatives and investment securities, including but no limited to, exchange traded funds, options, commodity futures,currencies,swaps (such as interest rate and credit default swaps) and other investment contracts,as well as traditional equities and debt instruments. There can

be no assurance that the Fund will achieve its investment objective or that an investor will not lose some or all of its investment. A separate class of interests that offers monthly liquidity is available to the Fund’s investors. An offshore feeder fund is also available for US tax-exempt and non-US investors.















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