Aquamarine Fund Results And Letter For January 2012

Aquamarine Fund Inc (offshore)       Fact Sheet for January 2012

Aquamarine Value Fund (onshore)    Fact Sheet for January 2012

Next opening for Aquamarine Fund

The next opening for both Aquamarine Fund Inc. and Value Fund L.P. is for March 1, 2012.


Go here to see Guy’s most recent interview on Bloomberg (also embedded below):


Guy will also be a panelist at the Bloomberg Sovereign Debt conference in March.
Go here to see details of the VALUEx Zurich / Klosters 2012  conference.

Partnership Meetings 2012

Our partner meetings for year 2012 will be held in October.

London       October 1, 2012 – Monday
Zurich         October 3, 2012 – Wednesday
New York     October 15, 2012 – Monday