Anonymous Plans To Take Down The Entire Internet

Anonymous Plans To Take Down The Entire Internet
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Anonymous Plans To Take Down The Entire InternetAnonymous have planned to launch a new operation, they are calling it ‘Operation Global Blackout’, no this is not the same old Operation Blackout in which the group threatened to take down few major websites, this is something big, or let me say something beyond anyone’s imagination.

An Anonymous group member recently in a pastebin post have claimed that the hactivist group is now taking down the entire internet, yes The Entire Internet (you heard that right!) by attacking the 13 root DNS servers that powers the whole internet.

To see what Anonymous are capable of, watch the list of websites previously attacked by the group here:

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The List of Websites Hacked, Defaced & Taken Down By Anonymous

An excerpt from the pastebin that discusses ‘Operation Global Blackout’ by Anonymous:

Since the attack will be using static IP addresses, it will not rely on name server resolution, thus enabling us to keep the attack up even while the Internet is down. The very fact that nobody will be able to make new requests to use the Internet will slow down those who will try to stop the attack. It may only lasts one hour, maybe more, maybe even  a few days. No matter what, it will be global. It will be known.

However users with better knowledge of the issue are actually opposing the very idea of Anonymous of blocking the entire internet. One of the user on Ycombinator (popularly known as Hacker News) states:

I think Anonymous doesn’t really know how DNS works. The root nameservers don’t serve zone data for most sites that people use anyways.

DNS is a distributed hierarchy for serving requests. It’s designed to be fault-tolerant because if every name resolution (> performed by a browser had to reach 13 servers in the world, we’d still be using gopher and newsgroups instead of the web.

DNS is distributed, hierarchical, redundant, and cached all over the place as much as possible. Even my laptop caches DNS queries until a reboot. Even if a DNS cache misses (which is infrequent), it goes to the nameserver hosting the zone, which isn’t a root name server.

Bottom line, it’s probably just a joke designed to get some attention and to experiment and see what actually does happen if you hit those servers.

Anonymous recently have attacked many big organizations and even Governments that tried to implement restrictions over internet, but their claims of putting an end to the whole world wide web is exhibiting an idea that goes against their own rules and laws.

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