Wow: Homeless Teenager Is Intel Competition Semifinalist

For the inspirational story of the day, how about this one?Wow: Homeless Teenager Is Intel Competition Semifinalist Brief excerpt from ABC followed by a video interview with Samantha. Samantha Garvey has good reason to be the recipient of high fives and congratulations from the faculty and students in the hallways atBrentwood High School. The 17-year-old senior says she cannot believe that she is one of the semifinalists in the highly prestigious Intel Science Competition, in part because she lives in a Bay Shore homeless shelter with her parents, brother, and twin sisters. “I am currently homeless. Like I’ve said, this motivates me to do better. I do well and I pursue my passion because it’s what I have and it’s a way out, you know, and it’ll lead to better things.” Were rooting for her to win it all!