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ValueWalk Turns Two

January 20th, 2009 was one of the most important day of your life. Not ValueWalk Turns Twobecause it was the day before President Obama was inaugurated, but a far more important event occurred.

On that date, came into existance. It also is a good date, because its two years before my anniversary, so always a good reminder.

You can see a photo of the site back from early 2011. It looked quite amateurish and riddled with grammar and spelling errors (although that still happens at times)!

We wanted to go over some of the phenomenal success we achieved since January 20th, 2011 (we do not have data back until January, 2010). The site has grown 20 fold since that date. We have 2k followers on twitter, 1100 on facebook, and close to 2,000 subscribers.

We have achieved a good mix of more articles, without diluting the quality of the content.

ValueWalk has gotten on the radar of major publications. We have broken several stories before big media did over the past year.

We  have received visitors from all the top value firms, non value firms, some on a regular basis.

We have officially incorporated into an LLC, registered in New Jersey.

We hired our first full time worker and have other writers working to ensure that quality value oriented news can be posted on a regular basis.

We started our new premium section, which we will be revamping this week to help people navigate it.

We are adding in some additional features coming up soon which should be very exciting.

We want to thank the readers for making this site into a phenomenal success. What began as a hobby two years ago has now taken on a life of its own. We hope you will continue to read the site, and feel free as always to leave comments, criticism etc. below.


Thank you,

The ValueWalk Team valuewalk news