Should I Invest or Save?

“Should I Invest or Save?”

Should I Invest or Save?An easy question, not.  First, I need to know your time horizon.  If it is short, save.  The bank will invest your money, and you will get a little back from it.  Second, I need to know who you are?

Is it possible that you will need the money in six months?  Do you have three months of expenses saved?  If not, save, don’t take the chance on investing.

Investing is for those that can take losses.  Even if your goal is long term, I would have to ask how important it is to achieve your goals.  The higher the importance, the greater the funding need.  Fund assuming that returns in the market will be positive, but poor.  If the goal isn’t that important, contribute less, and assume a higher return on assets.

The main idea here is that you should invest more for goals that you care a lot about, because those goals will be achieved, most likely.  Goals that rely on high asset returns are not likely to be achieved.