Ron Paul is a Racist

UPDATE: This article has offended many readers. I will avoid politics in general but still will post time to time. I stand by this article but want to make something clear. I do not think all of Paul’s followers are racists (including many close friends), I happen to agree with Paul on many issues especially foreign policy and the drug war. However I stand by his statement that he is a racist, even though many of his followers are not. I still have heard no arguments which prove this otherwise.

This article will offend MANY readers:Ron Paul is a Racist

We try to stay apolitical at ValueWalk but as the elections come closer it is very hard to not opine.

However the worst candidate in the GOP is Ron Paul. We will not get into policy debates, but Paul is a racist. In an interview Ron Paul called gaza a concentration camp.

Paul has never recounted. These remarks are highly anti-semitic, and highly offensive to Holocaust survivors. Until Paul recants these words we consider him to be a bigot and racist.

Maybe Paul should view some pictures. Or speak to Gaza residents and Concentration camp survivors, and see where he would rather spend a few years.

We do not like simplistic one line arguments, but Paul made this one simplistic with his use of words. Until Paul even attempts to apologize or retract we will still hold our same view.

Below are some pictures from Mauthausen, a concentration camp based in Austria (it was not even a death camp), and pictures from Gaza. Readers can guess which pictures are which. We tried to be objective by showing the most relevant pictures from google search of both places. However without getting into mid-east politics, it must be noted that most people in Gaza are intentionally put in harms way by terrorist groups, while concentration camp inmates were victimized for no reaso

A picture is worth 1,000 words see below (WARNING THESE IMAGES ARE VERY GRAPHIC):

Ron Paul is a Racist

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