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  • I don’t think changing the tick size will change the fact that there are games surrounding trading.  It will change w… Jan 06, 2012 
  • When Nurses Catch Compassion Fatigue, Patients Suffer Programs being created/used to help nurses avoid burnout $$ Jan 06, 2012 
  • ‘ @mbusigin Okay, so about 2% up, not bad. That’s usually pretty correlated with short rates, but not now. $$ Jan 06, 2012 
  • @mbusigin @fundmyfund How strongly? There is a lot of single-family housing available for rent, which should hold rates down. Jan 06, 2012 
  • The sinkhole DB plans 4 companies in the broadly-based S&P 1500, the deficit rose from $315 billion to $484 billion $$ Jan 06, 2012 
  • Apartment Vacancy Rate falls to 5.2% in Q4, Lowest since 2001 Will it eventually lead to increases in rental rates? $$ Jan 06, 2012 
  • Flip This Economy A new study shows how short-term speculators made the housing bubble much, much worse. $$ Jan 06, 2012 
  • Not Even Corp Mgmt Believe Their Own Equity Return Assumptions With rates so low stocks must earn monster returns 2fund Jan 05, 2012 
  • Sweden Shows Europe How to Cut Debt, Weather the Recession Monetary independence is the most important Swedish lesson Jan 05, 2012 
  • The Public Deposit Option: An Alternative To “Regulate and Insure” Banking Turn banks into deposit utilities, maybe? $$ Jan 05, 2012 
  • China: the vultures are coming Distressed investing in China not straightforward; Does not have a clear rule of law Jan 05, 2012 
  • China No Country for Old Men as Government Battles ‘Demographic Tsunami’ The “one child policy” hammers at China $$ Jan 05, 2012 
  • Federal Reserve Balance Sheet Risks As the monetary base rises, so does the price of gold? Seems to. $$ Jan 05, 2012 
  • No:EU lawmaker turns up heat on US over bank rules Banks should not use their own models 2 mark positions, set capital Jan 05, 2012 
  • Gavekal on Japanese Debt Scenarios Likes Japanese equities combined with protection against the currency & bonds $$ Jan 05, 2012 
  • Macro Imploding It’s just a matter of time before we abandon concepts like the monetary and fiscal multipliers. $$ Jan 05, 2012 
  • @groditi I think that might be driving some of the negative earnings guidance revisions, but no one connects the dots. Jan 04, 2012 
  • RT @groditi: @AlephBlog I see very little mention of how high FCFs due to depressed capex /wc could translate to depressed/delayed earni … Jan 04, 2012 
  • Bond Exotica Gains Favor in Era of Low Rates I would worry, but we’re probably nearer the beginning than the end $$ Jan 04, 2012 
  • @TraderNewsFeed I respect your opinion; let’s see what happens, I very well could be wrong, and you right. Jan 04, 2012 
  • Equity Risk Premium Near An Extreme Relies on the idea that profit margins will not mean-revert. $$ Jan 04, 2012 
  • @TraderNewsFeed in 2nd and 3rd tier city residential real estate markets. & 2/2 Jan 04, 2012 
  • @TraderNewsFeed You don’t get large moves in asset prices w/o debt-finance. The LTVs may be lower, but px moves have inverted borrowers 1/2 Jan 04, 2012 
  • Pawnbrokers of last resort: when a pound of flesh is not enough Secured lending heightens risk when collateral falls Jan 04, 2012 
  • China’s Home Prices Slide Amid Speculation of Reserve Ratio Cut Leverage collapse cannot b solved in ordinary ways $$ Jan 04, 2012 
  • Chinese President Hu Jintao warns of cultural warfare from West Difficult 2 channel prosperity away from freer thinking Jan 04, 2012 
  • Refinancing Race to Dominate Third Year of Crisis: Euro Credit Lots of room 4 slips&stumbles in the 1Q12 refinancing $$ Jan 04, 2012 
  • I just keep buying value stocks; worked in the Great Depression; should work now. 04, 2012 
  • Who are the most central members of the China’s leadership as we enter 2012? analysis of connections $$ Jan 04, 2012 
  • Fed Will Detail Rate Plans, Easing Market Guesswork More transparency will bring more volatility, not less $$ #ppht Jan 04, 2012 
  • Downward revision on home sales data? NAR large revision down sales numbers 4 past several yrs going back to 2007 $$ Jan 04, 2012 
  • Bond Bulls May Yet Have Reason for Cheer When I see this argument get more common, I worry about a reversal $$ Jan 04, 2012 
  • Mary Schapiro’s skeletons in the closet Alleges proxy used by NASD soliciting member approval 4 the merger fraudulent Jan 04, 2012 
  • @ReformedBroker Wait. You used “value” and “Eastman Kodak” in the same sentence. Not allowed. Did Bill Miller get the memo? $$ Jan 04, 2012 
  • NYSE Liffe US Announces DTCC GCF Repo Index Futures ht @izakaminska; may allow for hedging of future repo rates $$ Jan 04, 2012 
  • @izakaminska I suppose the GCF Repo Index Futures settle for cash. My Q: What are the systemic implications of hedging future repo rates? $$ Jan 04, 2012 
  • The collateral crunch gets monetary Monetary multiplier collapsing in Eurozone. Protect solvency, do not lend. $$ Jan 04, 2012 
  • ‘Princeling’ General Attracts Notice with Criticism of Party Do children earn their own way or can parents help? $$ Jan 04, 2012 
  • Buffett’s Defense Fails to Beat S&P 500 in ’11 Buffett is doing fine. Just watch the growth in book value. $$ Jan 04, 2012 
  • World’s Biggest Economies Face $7.6T Debt Rollover risk in 2012. Who can see the tipping point 4 sustainability? $$ Jan 04, 2012 
  • Bridgewater Takes Grim View of 2012 Deleveraging bodes ill 4 most asset classes except long duration high quality Jan 04, 2012 
  • Iranian currency slides under latest U.S. sanctions The sanctions do have some bite, average people in Iran hurt more Jan 04, 2012 
  • @PieFarmer No. Hedgies that try 2 arb r trying to collect a risky yield. As vol rises, that gets harder 2 do. $$ Jan 04, 2012 
  • For Europe, Bad to Worse Likely Recession, Continuing Debt Woe May Make ’12 a Tougher Slog Than ’11 $$ Jan 04, 2012 
  • Why Hedge Funds Tripped in a Volatile Year In aggregate, hedge funds r yield seekers & r hurt by volatility $$ Jan 04, 2012 
  • Regulators Fleeing Ratings Dodd-Frank Banned Embrace No-Risk Greek Bonds go from one ditch into another $$ Jan 04, 2012 
  • the haircut @researchpuzzler on the need to have a margin of safety built into all investment assumptions $$ Jan 04, 2012 
  • Tail Risk and Embalming Fluid, in 2012 Argues that we will not be able to grow out of the debts incurred by gov’ts. $$ Jan 04, 2012 
  • Brace Yourself For An Eventful 2012 Makes the case that Germany could leave the euro in 2012 & hurt CHF in process Jan 04, 2012 
  • @DonMartinCFP Thanks, Don — so you look at this? Jan 04, 2012 
  • Muni Bonds There are long term difficulties, but taxes will be raised and benefits cut. Muni bonds will do fine. $$ Jan 03, 2012 
  • Auld Lang Syne: Remembering 2011 Damodaran points out how high the equity premium is now. Makes me more bullish $$ Jan 03, 2012 
  • @The_Analyst If you leave it all in the cash account, yes, if not, no. Which makes sames day liquidity a problem; three day lags… Jan 03, 2012 
  • Political Calendar Hints at 2012 Volatility 2012 likely to be a volatile year, much as 2011 was $$ Jan 03, 2012 
  • Are Brokerage Accounts Safe? We should press to eliminate the ability to rehypothecate using customer capital $$ Jan 03, 2012 
  • @YooDman I agree w/you, but if the generals could get along w/o KJ Un, they would have done so already. This would try to pull KJU away… Jan 03, 2012 
  • If I were Secretary of State, I would find out what Rock groups & basketball players Mr Un Kim likes & send several goodwill delegations. $$ Jan 03, 2012 
  • Banker Who Fled Kim Jong Il Says New Leader to Open N. Korea “Swiss education & his reported fondness 4 basketball” Jan 03, 2012 
  • Paul Sees Top-Two Finish in Iowa While Wary of Backing Rivals Has the least trouble with Romney, but can’t endorse $$ Jan 03, 2012 
  • @DonMartinCFP What change in conditions would lead you to allocate money away from bonds? Jan 03, 2012 

Alluvial Fund May 2021 Performance Update

Alluvial FundAlluvial Fund performance update for the month ended May 2021. Q1 2021 hedge fund letters, conferences and more Dear Partners and Colleagues, Alluvial Fund, LP returned 5.4% in May, compared to 0.2% for the Russell 2000 and 1.0% for the MSCI World Small+MicroCap . . . SORRY! This content is exclusively for paying members. SIGN UP Read More

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