LIVE NOW: How to Break into Hedge Funds: Free 45 Minute Webinar 9PM EST

LIVE NOW: How to Break into Hedge Funds: Free 45 Minute Webinar 9PM EST


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LIVE NOW: How to Break into Hedge Funds: Free 45 Minute Webinar 9PM EST

How can I break into the hedge fund industry? Which skills should I highlight on my resume? What are hedge fund interviews like?

Get your hedge fund job-search questions answered during ValueWalk’s exclusive webinar on Hedge Funds: Standing Out in Interviews and On the Job.Join us on Tuesday, January 31st at 9pm EST for the 45-minute-long webinar – hosted by hedge fund professional Sean George. See previous webinar here-

Sean has served as a Portfolio Manager at HBK Capital Management, a hedge fund with approximately $6 billion AUM. Before joining HBK, Sean served as a Director at Drake Management, a hedge fund sponsor with several billion dollars under management. Sean was responsible for monitoring the firm’s convertible arbitrage strategy and collaborated with Drake’s credit team to invest in distressed assets, including the debt of organizations that had filed for Chapter 11. Sean also worked as an Associate at institutional investment firm Gartmore Global Investments.
To join Sean’s webinar, simply visit at 9pm EST on Tuesday, January 31st. Get all your questions answered and improve your chances of landing a hedge fund job – put Sean’s webinar on your calendar today!

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(This webinar is being conducted in collaboration with ValueWalk’s partner, Blue Chip Career. BCC connects people with finance executives for on-demand job search help and interview prep. The members of the BCC network have worked at top Wall Street banks, hedge funds, private equity shops and investment management firms; learn more [and get exclusive discounts] at Career Center.)

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