FIROZ NATHANI: VALUEx India Participant Sharing

    Firoz Nathani runs a small fund in the U.S. During participant sharing at VALUEx India, he talks about an exceptional home building company who is actually making money and generating around a thirty percent return on invested capital, even at this trough of a cycle.

    Participant Sharing was one of the most valuable portions of the VALUEx conference. Similar to TEDx, the mic went around the room and each participant was given 5 minutes to speak. No slides or handouts were used.

    Should You Go All In On Water Like Michael Burry?

    Water investments? Michael Burry was one of the first institutional investors to bet against the US subprime mortgage market in the mid-2000s, and today he’s concentrating all of his investment efforts on one commodity: water. Burry’s focus on water has attracted plenty of attention to the commodity in the investment community but trying to profit Read More