Facebook IPO Filing Rumored To Come Next Week

Facebook IPO Filing Rumored To Come Next Week

Wall Street Journal on Friday reported that Facebook, the largest social network might file papers for IPO (Initial Public Offering) next week, and it further stated that Morgan Stanley has been chosen as the lead underwriter for Facebook’s IPO.

The unknown source told WSJ:

Facebook could file papers for the IPO as early as this coming Wednesday, but that timing is still being discussed. The company is currently looking at a valuation of $75 billion to $100 billion.

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While in other news, it has been reported by The Next Web that one of the employee from Facebook said that Facebook is going to sell their private shares on Monday.

So what do you think about this news? Will Facebook be filing their IPO papers next week? Will you take a slice? Let us know what you think about this news after watching the video embedded below.

Videos Description: Facebook could file IPO paperwork as early as Wednesday of next week, and Morgan Stanley is close to winning the “lead left” position in the IPO. Facebook has been valued between $75 and $100 Billion dollars.

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