Carl Icahn Dragged Into GOP Mudslinging

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Billionaire Investor Carl Icahn, Icahn Enterprises chairman, on the campaign Carl Icahn Dragged Into GOP Mudslingingattacks that compare him to Mitt Romney.  A lot of investors who are mostly apolitical, have been discussing politics very frequently recently, including Carl Icahn recently here. Some included Warren Buffett defending Mitt Romney; here, here and here. Stephen Schwarzman’s fund raiser for Romney here,  and Wilbur Ross here.

Some highlights from the Icahn video:

Says socialism doesnt work seems to imply that Obama is a socialist.

Defends private equity and talks about all the jobs he personally created.

Icahn could not support Gingrich and thinks that Romney will win anyway. He does not understand why the GOP nominees are going after Romney.

Icahn points to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as Government putting people out of work.

Carl Icahn says the corporate raiders are doing good as we have millions of people unemployed.

Icahn seems confused about an ad which featured him.

Icahn thinks that both Wall Street and the Government overdid the financial crisis. Icahn mentions an interesting point that a lot of layoffs are at the top level. However Government laws protect these people. The irony is these companies are owned by the public.

Full video below:



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