Warren Buffett Chooses His Successor [VIDEO]

Billionaire Warren Buffett chooses his son Howard, who’s also a farmer, as his successor and non-executive chairman, as well as other headlines from the day, with CNBC’s Jackie DeAngelis.
Video and Transcript Below:

warren buffett says he has a successor. now if you quick wick mormon of norfolk southern, you would be wrong. jackie deeangelis. good evening. good evening. in an interview that is going to air this sunday on 60 minutes, warren buffett says his son howard, a farm were no college degree would make a good successor as a nonexecutive chairman. howard for his part says he is okay with that, attorneys general as long as he can keep growing corn and soy beans. the government says next year’s u.s. supply of corn should remain small, keeping food prices high. meantime, the s.e.c. is probing hedge fund harvard capital and its manager falcone for letting some cash out but forbidding others from doing the same. and the world trade organization says the eu’s bailout of airbus is illegal, but that’s not stopping the eu. today the u.s. trade representative says he’ll ask for $7 billion to $10 billion a year in unveiled facial recognition tools. find my face it’s called.similar to facebook’s tag suggestions program. and finally tonight, a new gallup poll says 76% of registered voters say most members of congress don’t deserve reelection. larry, gallup says that’s a record high. thanks to cnbc’s jackiedeangelis.