Is Tudor or Moore Capital the Secret Hedge Fund Buying Italian Debt?

I referenced the following story a few days ago on ValueWalk (Emphasis is mine).

George Soros isn’t the only fan of Jon Corzine’s European bonds.

J.P Morgan Chase & Co. and at least one large hedge fund bought Italian bonds that until recently were owned by MF Global Holdings Ltd., the bonds that played a key role in pushing the securities firm formerly run by Mr. Corzine into bankruptcy, according to people familiar with the matter.

J.P Morgan and the hedge fund didn’t buy nearly as much as the $2 billion that Mr. Soros spent to buy these bonds. The securities were sold just after MF Global’s Oct. 31 bankruptcy filing under an administrator currently overseeing the firm, according to the people.

I didn’t link to the story on ValueWalk, because it can all be found here-WSJ.

This is the latest news which I have on that mysterious hedge fund from a person familiar with the manner (certain words removed to protect identities) NOTE: as stated below none of this has been confirmed:

Sale would have been conducted by LCH.Clearnet I guess – people I know more on xxxxxx rather than at xxxxxx. But I did ask around.  Guessing it’s a big macro fund like Moore Capital or Tudor.


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