GameStop Future Seen in Private Equity: Jim Chanos and Other Shorts Disagree


“For a brave private equity firm there’s an opportunity.” – Colin Sebastian.

“The Internet is the most efficient distribution network ever devised.” –  Jim Chanos.

“And as the cost of transmitting and storing a bit approaches zero, anybody that’s in the business of selling you a physical product that is digitized has seen their margins just completely collapse over time.” – Jim Chanos.

“Everybody is looking for the next easy short.” – Stephen F. Roseman.

“GameStop is gradually getting into the digital space and becoming more relevant that way.” – Arvind Bhatia.

Link to full piece:  http://www.businessweek.com/news/2011-12-06/gamestop-future-seen-in-private-equity-as-shorts-climb-real-m-a.html