Must See Rare Interview with Kyle Bass on The Euro-Crisis and Japan

Kyle Bass the man who made money after shorting subprime is now betting against Europe.

He made has already made millions from the credit crunch and will have 650x return from a Greek default.

Kyle Bass became bearish in early 2006, and saw how the debts would spread from the banks to the Governments

He is now betting against France and Japan.

He is very bearish on Japan, which now spends 50% of revenue on interest. If interest rates rise 2% it will be 100% of Govt. revenue.

Kyle Bass was on the BBC for a rare interview where he discussed the European crisis.

Full video is embedded below.

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3 Comments on "Must See Rare Interview with Kyle Bass on The Euro-Crisis and Japan"

  1. I found a few powershares correlating to japan’s bond market.

    JGBS is short
    JGBD 3x leveraged short
    JGBL is long
    JGBT 3X leveraged long

    Just in case anyone wants to prepare for Kyle’s prediction of an Armageddon in Japan’s (the third largest economy in the world) sovereign debt.

    Nice website Jacob.  You appear to be doing well for yourself.  Best of luck.

  2. I have been asked and I have no idea how a retail investor can short JGBs

  3. jacob, how would one go about shorting japan?

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