FSB: Understanding Financial Linkages


Recently, the regulation and financial reforms have focused on developing macroprudential tools and frameworks. However, these initiatives require better data than the one available at the moment. Data should be homogeneous and consistent, while proving information at the national and international level to ensure the authorities are able to recognize and address the build-up of risks in a timely manner.

There are major information gaps on the globally active financial institutions that play a key role in the international financial system. This fact has led to a poor understanding of the global financial network which continues to hamper policy responses. This document presents a common data template for global systemically important banks. The banks that would have to fill out this template will ultimately be selected by the FSB, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS), and the national authorities.

The ultimate objetive of this international project is to develop a data framework that facilitates monitoring of key interlinkages among the major global banks in a consistent manner, while ensuring maximum synergies between the various sources of information used for statistical, supervisory and macroprudential analysis in order to minimize any duplication of system maintenance and efforts.

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FSB: Understanding Financial Linkages

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