Warren Buffett’s 2010 Taxes

Warren Buffett's 2010 Taxes Warren Buffett has told a Republican Congressman that his adjusted gross income last year came to $62,855,038, with taxable income of $39,814,784.  He also paid $15,300 in payroll taxes.

The numbers are from a letter sent by Buffett to Rep. Tim Hulskamp of Kansas, in response to the Congressman’s request that Buffett release his full federal tax return amid the national debate over the Obama Administration’s “Buffett Rule.”

I found the full letter  which Rep. Tim Hulskamp sent to Warren Buffett and Warren Buffett’s response. This is not Buffett’s formal tax returns, which was submitted to the IRS. Buffett has promised to publicly release his tax returns of Rupert Murdoch does the same.

It is embedded below on scribd.

Warren Buffet Letter Taxes

Warren Buffet Letter Taxes