Value Walk EXCLUSIVE: Seth Klarman Q211 Shareholder Letter

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  1. Thank you for posting this information!

  2. Baupost has invested in The Highland Companies, which in turn has purchased about 8,000 acres of  Canadian farmland at roughly $8,000/acre.  Ostensibly potato farmers, the company is now seeking an aggregate license for 2,316 acres (3 x 2 miles x 250′ deep) targeting extraction of 6 billion tonnes of high quality limestone.  Yes, the investment is expecting enormous returns but at an unacceptably high cost to fresh food and clean water.  People are becoming very aware of the opportunistic and underhanded nature of this company.  If Klarman is a smart as his reputation, he’ll cut his losses on this particular investment.  If you are smart with an ounce of ethics, you’ll venerate someone else.

  3. The BP and MSFT long positions merit attention. Maybe SK recognizes that MS is free from the anti trust, and that integrating data across all products will bring MS greater revenue.

  4. gr8 post

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