New Page Added and Several Other Announcements

New Page Added and Several Other Announcements

I try my best not to mix my work with this website, but I thought since a lot of analysts visit this site they might be interested in a new page, which I just added-

Additionally, two other announcements:


Robinhood 2021 Conference: Cathie Wood discusses her investment process with Lee Ainslie [Exclusive]

Yarra Square Investing Greenhaven Road CapitalARK Invest is known for targeting high-growth technology companies, with one of its most recent additions being DraftKings. In an interview with Maverick's Lee Ainslie at the Robinhood Investors Conference this week, Cathie Wood of ARK Invest discussed the firm's process and updated its views on some positions, including Tesla. Q1 2021 hedge fund letters, Read More

I have been extremely busy with work and my family over the past few months, so I have been writing less articles. Next week, I will be traveling for a value investing conference in Italy. I have posts scheduled for every day. Additionally, I am moving soon and I have been very busy with that. When things settle down in mid or late August, the quality of articles will be even better. However, I will still be providing quality content every day.


I added a lot of resource pages lately of famous value investors. I know I am missing a lot of the big ones, but I will eventually get to them. I recommend everyone check them out. I also updated my full reading list the other day (although, I am sure I missed some books), I updated the timeless reading page recently, and the stock watchlists page I updated a bit and am still in the process of doing soon.


Thanks again to all the readers. June was another record month for Value Walk, with 60k impressions and over 30k visitors. Additionally, the quality is important, and from the feedback I get via email, I see I have the highest quality audience out of any site I know of. I appreciate all my readers. I have not tried to monetize the site nor plan on subscription services, I do not make that much money from this site, I really do it for fun. I enjoy expressing my ideas, especially since I see that people appreciate them. You are the ones who keep me motivated to keep going at it, and take time out of my busy schedule to work on the site.

Thanks again,




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