Nice ideas post by Manual of Ideas

Nice ideas post by Manual of Ideas

Whopper is a deep value investor. His blog is

I normally am not a big fan of the “quick ideas” articles, but this write up by the Manual of Ideas has some nice ideas in it.

One of them, AEY, is a stock I am currently very long and have written up several times before. Another, SMID, is a stock I have invested in before. I don’t have a position in it currently, but I have kept my eye on it. It currently trades well below its tangible book value (almost $2.40 a share) and is approaching its net current asset value ($1.36 per share). If it gets a bit lower, I would likely get very long. I’d also open up a position if some of the positions in my portfolio hit my buy targets and free up some cash.

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As for the other stocks, I could certainly see some value in BAMM, but I couldn’t see myself going long the stock unless management announces some serious changes…. They’d basically need to announce they were going to treat their stores like complete cash cows, stop any and all reinvestment but the most critical for maintaining operations, and begin massive share repurchases.

ABL looks real interesting. With all three divisions profitable, I could see an investor having “multiple lines of defense” in the name. Asset value, sum of the parts / break up value, earnings protection, etc. I haven’t done any research, but it will warrant a look.

MPAC and OCCF both look interesting as well, though I think they’re both outside my circle of competence. I have two stocks I’m currently doing some deeper research into and trying to establish a position in (and then hopefully do a write up!), but these two are getting added to my watchlist. They do look interesting, so maybe you should beat me to it and do the same!!!!

Disclosure: Long AEY and could establish a position in SMID at any time



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