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TOP HF JOB DATABASE at SumZero: For anyone currently who is a hf/mf/pe/or propdesk analyst or at a prop desk, I can give you access to Sumzero, which has ramped up their database and has analyst positions from top hfs worldwide, updated on a daily basis: [email protected]

The database has new jobs posted every day mostly for mid level and senior positions for hfs.

Hedge fund thesis for Spirit Airlines and AerSale, a recent SPAC merger

AirlinesPrescience Partners returned 6.75% for the second quarter, underperforming the S&P 500's 8.55% return but coming out ahead of the Barclay Equity Long/ Short Index's 2.62% return. However, for the first six months of the year, Prescience is up 30.66%, doubling the S&P's 15.25% return and smashing the Barclay Equity Long/ Short Index's 9.27% return. Read More

Sumzero is the world’s largest community of buy-side analysts; consisting of over 5400 buyside analysts, and over 3300 full-length, peer-rated investment write-ups in SumZero’s database by other analysts in the community.

With Dodd-Frank closing down the prop desks this is especially a good time to join if you work at a prop desk (as you can only join while you are currently at a firm)

The forum has an advanced in-site investment screener.

Additionally, there are thousands of companies in SumZero’s database of extensively researched companies, each of which is tied to one or more buyside analysts. An analyst can see a list of other analysts who have done work on the company he/she is interested in and contact them to discuss the idea. Needless, to see the database is an excellent place for networking.

If you are in the US you must be a hf/mf/pe/ or prop-desk analyst. If you are an international buy-side (only) analyst the criteria for firms are less stringent. Feel free to contact me if you want to join or with any questions :[email protected]


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