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A permanent page devoted to Thomas Rowe Price Jr. has been added to Value Walk. Over the next few months I will be adding 2-3 resource pages a week on famous current and legendary investors. I will keep them a surprise to increase the excitement, so make sure to check back frequently. Or follow me on TwitterFacebook or Feedburner.

The Thomas Rowe Price Jr. can be found under current value investors on the top toolbar, or at the following link- Below is a brief excerpt from the page:


Thomas Rowe Price, like Peter Lynch was not a pure value investor. In fact he was considered the father of growth investing. However, Price would not invest in high fliers that were abundant during the dotcom bubble. He was a pure funademntal investor, who was contrarian by nature. In the late 60s, Price warned of the extreme valuations that investors were placing on stocks. He was proven right when the market tanked in 73-74.

During his initial years in the world of financial markets, Price battled with the tumbling economy brought about by The Great Depression.  T. Rowe Price  was training to become a chemist, and received a degree in Chemistry from Swarthmore College from where he graduated in 1919. After realizing his interest in investment, Price soon joined the world of Wall Street Investment in the 1920’s. He started off his career at Mackubin Goodrich, a Baltimore-based brokerage firm, now known as a famous company called Legg Mason. He rose to the position of Chief Investment Officer at the firm before he moved on to establishing his own investment company.

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