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A permanent page devoted to Bill Ackman has been added to ValueWalk. Over the next few months I will be adding 2-3 resource pages a week on famous current and legendary investors. I will keep them a surprise to increase the excitement, so make sure to check back frequently. Or follow me on TwitterFacebook or Feedburner.

The Bill Ackman Page can be found under new value investors on the top toolbar, or at the following link- Below is a brief excerpt from the page:

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Yarra Square Investing Greenhaven Road CapitalARK Invest is known for targeting high-growth technology companies, with one of its most recent additions being DraftKings. In an interview with Maverick's Lee Ainslie at the Robinhood Investors Conference this week, Cathie Wood of ARK Invest discussed the firm's process and updated its views on some positions, including Tesla. Q1 2021 hedge fund letters, Read More



Since Bill Ackman did not start his fund until 2003, I am placing his profile in the “news value investors” section.

William Albert Ackman, more commonly known as Bill Ackman, has an extensive professional profile working for many firms before starting his own. The founder and CEO of Pershing Square Capital, Bill Ackman was born on 11th May 1966. Ackman attended Harvard University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree Manga cum Laude in 1988. Ackman received his MBA from Harvard Business School in 1992.

Ackman was one of the very few people who predicted the financial crisis which hit the globe in 2008. He was also among the very few who benefited and were capable in avoiding loss due to the financial market clash.  Bill Ackman voiced concern regarding the market and warning anyone who would listen about the $2.5 trillion bond insurance business, which was in big trouble. During the period Ackman shorted some of the major players of the subprime industry which included Freddie Mas, Fannie Mae, MBIA and Ambac, which ended up allowing him to make billions of dollars. The Wall Street Journal, SEC, New York Times and others declared his claims as being fraudulent. The story of MBIA was  elaborated in the spectacular book ‘Confidence Game: How Hedge Fund Manager Bill Ackman Called Wall Street’s Bluff’ published by Christine S. Richard. He had started shorting the stock as early as 2002, after the muni-bond insurer started dabbling into credit derivatives and synthetic CDOs. Bill Ackman read through 140,000 pages (no typo), while investigating MBIA. This story shows how much due diligence Ackman does as an investor. The stock reached a high of over $70 in 2007 and went as low as ~$2.50 in early 2009. Ackman engaged in a lot of debates with the company, and his story is very similar to David Einhorn’s, as told in Fooling Some of the People All of the Time.

The full page can be found at the following link-

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