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The Best Value Investing Conference You Never Heard Of


Note: This is NOT a sponsored article, nor do I receive any money for promoting this event. The organizers of the event where kind enough to give me a media pass (I will personally be attending the event), and I offered to promote the event because I thought it would be of interest to readers, and it does not get much media coverage in the USA.


Every investor has heard of the Value Investing Congress and the Ira Sohn Conference, where the top value investors in the world come and speak.

However, many have never heard of one of the greatest conferences that takes place in Molfetta, Italy (located on the coast of the Adriatic sea, near the “boot of Italy)”. The area also is a great place for vacation, and if you want to read about Whitney Tilson’s vacation there, click on the following link-http://www.tilsonfunds.com/Personal/Italy/. As mentioned above, I will personally be attending the event (and covering it) and going on vacation with my wife in the region.

I have many acquaintances in the investment industry in Europe, that have told me this is the best value conference in the world. It not only has great speakers, but there is tons of personal interaction with the top value investors in Europe. Now is especially a great time for investing in the continent due to the bargains from the whole Euro debt/PIIGS crisis.

The event is, the 8th Annual Investing Seminar (or VIS) which will be held in Molfetta, Italy on Tuesday July 12 and Wednesday July 13. The event is hosted by Ciccio Azzollini (CEO of Cattolica Partecipazioni, SpA) and Whitney Tilson.

*All the costs are covered by Cattolica Partecipazioni SpA. Therefore, all the fees of attendees go directly to More Love Association Onlus, www.moreloves.it, a charity organization which aims to two wonderful projects: Thorn Tree Projects (Africa)www.thorntreeprojects.org and More Love Molfetta for children in need in our hometown.
More Love Association has absolutely no management expenses and the team members are volunteers that cooperate on their spare time, each dollar will be donated to support the projects.

V.I.S sponsors the event  to improve their investment process, share investment ideas and experiences.

Cattolica Partecipazioni SpA is an investment vehicle with permanent capital built upon the application of principles of Value Investing articulated by Graham, Dodd and followed by Buffett and Munger.

The fund is very open-minded and has a disciplined, long term-oriented opportunistic value approach. Ciccio  looks everywhere to find value and the best risk-adjusted returns including private equity..

The event V.I.S. is inspired by 2 principal sources, which determine the two bedrock principles:

  • Berkshire Hathawy, Wesco, Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, Ben Graham.
    A place where like minded individuals can develop their worldly wisdom, learn to be better investors and become better people in the process.
  • Idea sharing and gain insight into how some of the world’s most successful investors think.

Top value investors from the United States and Europe will present their very best investment idea, a great opportunity to meet, share ideas and learn from some of the world’s most successful money managers.

Approach this amazing investment philosophy and learn why certain methodologies could be so important to identify value opportunities. You won’t just leave with actionable ideas; you’ll also gain insight into how some of the world’s most successful investors think.

This intensive two-day conference is designed for serious investors and/or professional money manager who want to rapidly improve your investment performance. Attendance is strictly limited to (200 people) to enhance interactions with the 19 speakers.
Noted European and American value investors who have been speakers in the past include Mohnish Pabrai (Pabrai Funds), Tom Russo (Gardener Russo & Gardener), Prof. Michael van Biema (Columbia Business School), Francisco Garcia Parames (Bestinver Asset Management, considered the Warren Buffett of Europe) and many more..

Speakers include:

Speakers at the coming event include (the full line-up is available here.)


FERNANDO BERNARD BESTINVER, SPAIN (considered by far the top value fund in Spain)




RAHUL SARAOGI ATYANT CAPITAL, INDIA (who just spoke at the VIC in Pasadena.)

  • Full-time students may attend free of charge (restricted number).
  • The seminar is limited to the first 200 registrants.
  • Simultaneous translation available during the seminar.
  • Attire: business casual


Cattolica Partecipazioni S.p.A. provides V.I.S. attendees a free shuttle service from airport to Trani hotels.

The event organizer is offering a special discount to readers of Value Walk readers to attend the 8th Value Investing Seminar. Please email Valeria at paloscia@cattolica-partecipazioni.itwith coupon code “jacob” to obtain the special attendance fee of €550 (roughly $800)

Comments from previous speakers.

“This Value Investing Seminar is the very best one offered between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. Ben Graham would be proud!” Mohnish Pabrai Managing Partner – Pabrai Investment Funds, USA

“The ingredients for a great conference are simple: Smart presenters, an atmosphere devoted to sharing ideas, and a great location. The Value Investing Seminar has all three, with the added bonus of warm and welcoming hosts. You’re missing a treat if you don’t come” -Pat Dorsey Director of Equity Research – Morningstar, USA