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Value investing is hard in a market which seems so overvalued. The bargains of 09/10 are gone and one must really comb through many stocks before finding a true value stock. However, if investors could broaden their horizon and invest in Europe, which has some fantastic bargins now it would be a great benefit to all value investors. Small caps especially are the best place to find value overseas, since like in America they have little coverage. is a website which believes in the power of value investing, and gives hard facts on why you should too. The founder of eurosharelab, Tim du Toit, has had vast experience and knowledge in the field of investments which extends to more than 20 years. Tim is also a friend of mine and I am only writing about his site because I think readers will find it very informative. Tim’s articles also appear on Value Walk on a regular basis.

Tim du Toit secured a profit of 7% on his investments during the time from 2004 to 2010; a period which was accompanied with two of the worst stock market clashes. Without any basis of comparison the figure might not seem very appealing but it is 58% more than the return you would have received from an investment in the European STOXX 50 index, 36% more than the return on an the investment made in the S&P 500 index and 36% more than you would have received with an investment in Hedge Funds.

The  offers value investment advice through newsletters every month. There are two kinds of newsletter subscriptions, free and paid. The free subscription to newsletters allows for the subscribers to receive valuable information regarding investing and portfolio management. The paid subscribers receive recommendations every month from Tim du Toit with elaborate analysis of the new company recommended every month. The paid newsletter includes complete information on which company to buy, comprehensive financial analysis of recommended company, buy and sell price limits, exact portfolio composition, monthly portfolio updates and access to all previous investment ideas. Tim personally sent me some of his write ups (of previous newsletters) and they were absolutely fantastic. Nowhere else will you find extensive and well researched 15 pages write ups on attractive European value stocks.

Tim du Toit, himself, searches every single recommended undiscovered or undervalued company with cheap stocks but with high growth potential. Not only are the members of the website provided with recommendations for value investment, but are also notified via email, all the important happening in the stock market related to the recommended companies. The website offers a money back guarantee if any investor does not make any kind of profit after 6 months of following the website and investing in recommended companies.

What adds to the reliability of the website and the fact that the service keeps in mind the interest of the subscribers is that Tim du Toit personally invests in all the recommended companies himself 24 hours before or after the recommendation has been made. This means that the interest of the recommender and that of the followers are the same.  Another benefit of the website is that it limits the investor’s loss by putting a stop at 20% loss. The investors are notified of the developments in the recommended company stock and advised to sell the recommended stock before the investor losses more than 20% of what was invested. By limiting the loss, the funds are transferred from underperforming stocks to those which guarantee high return on investment. Furthermore, the website helps the subscribers get both the good and the bad picture of the past performance of the recommended companies.

Tom du Toit, with the money back guarantee, assures the present and the potential value investors to follow his recommendations and get high returns on low cost investment. He invalidates the common notion of that investors can only get high return only after undertaking high risk. Tim du Toit invests in the recommended companies along with the subscribers, making sure the interests are aligned. Any loss incurred by the subscriber is a loss incurred by the recommender himself. This fact adds to the credibility and trustworthiness of the service which is provided by the eurosharelab website.

To visit the site click on the following link-


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6 Comments on "Great European Value Blog"

  1. I did not write that article, however, I have described my strategy several times in the past, but if I get a chance I will write an article on it.

  2. Dear Mr. Wolinski,

    Thanks for your reply.  

    As this is your website and as you wrote the article, perhaps it would be worth adding your own thoughts about the strategy that is being described  (as you know did in the comments).

    That would increase the “value” of your articles – as long as your reasoning is sound.

    It might also increase the quality of the comments!

    Kind Regards,

  3. I do not use stop loss orders either. But maybe Tim knows investors following his strategy do not have the temperament that people well versed in value investing have. I saw stocks of mine drop over 50% in late 08 and 09 and it was very mentally difficult not to sell. However, many big and small investors panicked and sold. That is why I would guess he has a 20% stop loss set up. But stanley you can ask him yourself, his contact info is on his website.



  4. Dear Mr. Wolinski,

    Could you please inform me when and where great value investors like Graham and Buffet have argued and recommended that a stop-loss of 20% below purchase price should be used when investing in value stocks?

    Why follow the market’s short term voting machine  and disregard the long term weighing machine?
    If one invests in such a way, one is enslaved  to short term market swings and needlessly increases trading costs. 

    In fact, looking in my current portfolio, Tim du Toit would have dumped my – at this moment – two best performing stocks at their all time lows!   

    This is what Buffet refers to as  a “cutting flowers while watering weeds” approach.

    Since I plan to invest on the net  for the next 25 years,  I hope there come many more 20% price drops of great value companies.  I’ll be happy to buy them from T. du Toit or from your broker, Mr. Wolinske.   

    Kind Regards,


  5. No content is sponsored unless I specify. I wrote up about these things because I thought people would be interested. Tim gave me absolutely no compensation for writing about his site nor did I get any money for any conference I wrote about. I am not sure what you are referring to about books.

    In the future I will continue to post useful articles, and expand the resource pages, but I will mention a conference if I think people will be interested in it. However, the vast majority of articles have nothing to do with that.

  6. Sorry, but by such artictles, the valuewalk is getting worse and worse. It´s more about congresses, other paid pages, books and similar stuff, that makes me wanna to stop following your blog, well and the return 7pct is kinda funny, he better should not be investing into European stocks as obviously it´s not very rewarding.

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