ALL of Warren Buffett’s Partnership and Berkshire Hathaway Letters 1957-2010

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Sorry no link-fest this sunday, but if you want to read my “link-fest”” I posted Friday on investing in Japan click on the following link-

However, we do have a special treat:

All Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder letters from 1957-2010 have been completely typed up and numbers put into neat tables. 1998 – 2010 are just the pdf’s from the Berkshire website. There are no doubt small errors here and there throughout but overall I think the members of the site will really like this. For best reading click on full-screen mode.

FULL Collection of Berkshire Shareholder Letters 1957-2010

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  1. I have never used a kindle, would you like me to send you the pdf? How else would I be able to make it compatible

  2. Any chance you could release a kindle version?

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