Warren Buffett CNBC Interview on 17 Different Topics

H/T to my colleague, Joe Koster of  Value Investing World for arranging these videos by topic, I embedded the videos so you can watch everything without leaving Value Walk. Yesterday, Warren Buffett was on CNBC discussingBerkshire Hathaway topics ranging from Berkshire Hathaway to housing. The interview, which was conducted by CNBC anchor Becky Quick lasted three hours. There are gems of wisdom here. I have arranged the videos neatly by topic, in order that readers can skip to the segments they enjoy the most. Enjoy!

Warren Buffett: Not Worried About Oil

Voss Capital is betting on a housing market boom

Housing MarketThe Voss Value Fund was up 4.09% net for the second quarter, while the Voss Value Offshore Fund was up 3.93%. The Russell 2000 returned 25.42%, the Russell 2000 Value returned 18.24%, and the S&P 500 gained 20.54%. In July, the funds did much better with a return of 15.25% for the Voss Value Fund Read More

Buffett Prefers Stocks – Not Bonds

Buffett Hints at Next Deal

Buffett: I Don’t Need to Be ‘Schmoozed’

America’s ‘Love Affair’ With Cars

Buffett’s Bullish Housing Call

Buffett Talks NetJets

America’s Best Days Ahead?

Buffett’s ‘Electric’ Stake

Buffett on SEC’s Insider Charge

Grandpa Buffett’s Wisdom

Buffett’s Appreciation of Railways

Buffett: GEICO Ad Budget Works

Buffett’s Bullish Hiring Outlook

Buffett on Deficit

Buffett on Farmland, Commodities

Buffett Sounds Off