Sunday Linkfest and Consuelo Mack Interview with Niall Ferguson


On this week’s Consuelo Mack WealthTrack, Financial Thought Leader Niall Ferguson discusses why the centuries long dominance of Western economic and political power is waning and what the United States needs to do prevent it from slipping even more.

Opinion: Should auditors provide interpretation in the accounting statements?

Is Harvard Worth The Money?

Ray Dalio At Robin Hood 2021: The Market Is Not In A Bubble

Fractional Shares Stock PickerAt this year's annual Robin Hood conference, which was held virtually, the founder of the world's largest hedge fund, Ray Dalio, talked about asset bubbles and how investors could detect as well as deal with bubbles in the marketplace. Q1 2021 hedge fund letters, conferences and more Dalio believes that by studying past market cycles Read More

All Clear Sounded as Markets Shrug Off Multiple Black Swans

8 Unusual Things I learned About Warren Bu



Barron’s Interview With Donald Yacktman

Ever Heard of The Flow Ratio?

Public Pension Plans Underfunded Even With Rosy Forecasts.htm

Libyan rebel commander admits his fighters have al-Qaeda links

High Yield Fund Flows – The correct number…

Buffett Says Apple’s “Wonderful Future” Not as Predictable as Coca-Cola’s

Hedge fund legend Paul Tudor Jones on failure [ReformedBroker]

Warren Buffett Says Social-Networking Sites Overpriced Ahead of IPOs

Buffett’s Still Looking for Elephants But Reluctant to Use Berkshire Shares

Fed’s Shortcut to Greatness

Have you seen the little PIIGs?

Hindenburg Omen? Put a Fork In It.

Special value situations, Part 1- Prxi

Buffett Says Avoid Long-Term Bonds

Ajit Jain Interview (26 min.)

Corporate Valuation for Portfolio Investment

Herds on the street: traders instant messaging [WSJ]

John Paulson On The “Risk” In Risk Arbitrage


7 Ways Of Shorting China’s Real Estate Bubble

Bank Stock Analysis: Centrix Bank & Trust (CXBT.PK) – Part 1

Bank Stock Analysis: Centrix Bank & Trust (CXBT.PK) – Part 2

Intrinsic value: the holy grail of value investing

Currency and Value Investing

Immucor – Strong Razor and Blades Franchise looks cheap

Sutron – small cap instrument maker trading at discount to peers

Three Years from Now

IDT Also Thinks Good Things Come In Twos

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