European Dividend Stocks

European Dividend Stocks

By Hugo of

Many investors are still very scared of stocks, particularly in Europe. The financial crisis, the stock market crash, the bankruptcy of some banks, the bad results obtained on some investment vehicles, caused many investors to stay out not just of stocks but of any investment with the little equity risk.

So they search for interest in deposits or bonds.

This Tiger grand-cub was flat during Q2 but is ready for the return of volatility

Tiger Legatus Master Fund was up 0.1% net for the second quarter, compared to the MSCI World Index's 7.9% return and the S&P 500's 8.5% gain. For the first half of the year, Tiger Legatus is up 9%, while the MSCI World Index has gained 13.3%, and the S&P has returned 15.3%. Q2 2021 hedge Read More

But right now you can found some great companies, with stable businesses, low debt levels and paying good dividends, in many circumstances far greater than the level of interest currently offered on bonds.


Do not forget the in the long term dividends make a good portion of the total return. In the last 100 years the American stock market made a total return of 9.6% a year. About 47% of that was due to distributed dividends.


I leave you a stock screener of European stocks that pay high dividends, are profitable, trade for a low PE multiple and have large market caps.


European value stocks
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