Happy New Years

I hope everyone had a happy New Years. We had quite successful year in our first year at Value Walk. I want to thank all the new and old readers for coming to the site and making it a success beyond my wildest imagination. I will give stats about our readership on our official anniversiry, January 21st.

First off everyone should know there is the option to subscribe in a reader (for people who have never used Google reader, I highly recommend it. It is very easy to navigate and is an awesome tool to read articles and get company fillings from the SEC) or by email. This way you can read great content without visiting the site. The option can always be found in the right toolbar but I will also provide it below.

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Einhorn’s FOF Re-positions Portfolio, Makes New Seed Investment In Year Marked By “Speculative Exuberance”

david einhorn, reading, valuewalk, internet, investment research, Greenlight Capital, hedge funds, Greenlight Masters, famous hedge fund owners, big value investors, websites, books, reading financials, investment analysis, shortselling, investment conferences, shorting, short biasIt has not just been rough year for David Einhorn's own fund. Einhorn's Greenlight Masters fund of hedge funds was down 3% net for the first half of 2020, matching the S&P 500's return for those six months. In his August letter to investors, which was reviewed by ValueWalk, the Greenlight Masters team noted that Read More

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I want to let the readers know that there was a problem with the comment system spam filter. A lot of legitimate comments got sent to the spam filter and never got posted. This situation has now been rectified and all legitimate comments will be posted. No I will not post comments trying to promote links to payday loans I do not know what these spammers are thinking! But any comments related to the blog, article or investing in general whether critical or positive will be posted.

Starting this year I will be updating you with my quarterly investment returns and a brief explanation about why I sold or bought a security. I will wait until mid-January until my broker updates my investment return for the article. However, based on my estimates of returns since Fidelity last updated my results in December, I had a return of ~25% versus 15% total return for the S&P500. You can always view my portfolio at the following link- http://covestor.com/jacob-wolinsky.

We have a lot of pages now besides the main page where the posts appear. The Timeless Reading Page is pretty popular and has tons of great resources https://www.valuewalk.com/timeless-reading/. I also have a lot of great other pages which can be found on the top toolbar menu.

We have some new exciting features coming to Value Walk which will be announced shortly.

Finally, I would like to thank the contributors to my site. Without the exclusion of all the great writers I would particularly like to thank Frank of http://www.frankvoisin.com/, http://seekingdelta.wordpress.com/, and Rob Bennett of http://www.passionsaving.com/ , who all contribute great articles on a regular basis.