Great (Free) Value Investment Conference in Chicago (January 27th)

My friend Miguel is arranging a conference in Chicago for value investors. I highly recommend that anyone who lives in the Chicago area or can travel goes to the event. There are going to be two great speakers there. Plus Miguel is one of the nicest people you meet and also is a great contact to have. In short you will get some great valuable advice and it will be an excellent event for networking.

I get no compensation for this post, I am posting this because I think readers will benefit and as a favor for my friend Miguel.

Voss Capital is betting on a housing market boom

Housing MarketThe Voss Value Fund was up 4.09% net for the second quarter, while the Voss Value Offshore Fund was up 3.93%. The Russell 2000 returned 25.42%, the Russell 2000 Value returned 18.24%, and the S&P 500 gained 20.54%. In July, the funds did much better with a return of 15.25% for the Voss Value Fund Read More

Below are additional details from Miguel:

You are invited to our first Chicago Value Investor meet-up of 2011 taking place in 2 weeks. (This is not an event for amateurs.)

Date & Time:

Thursday, January 27th at 7pm (just come after work I’ll be there by 6:00pm)

Who will be attending:

Buyside Value Investors ! (Only)

Analysts, Portfolio Managers, & “Financial” Entrepreneurs
Please invite friends, colleagues, and coworkers
(as you see fit)


Email me to receive the location of the meet-up   [email protected]

There is no fee to attend, but I will say the bar is probably limited to 150-200 people.

Special guests.

1. Michelle Leder Author of Footnoted and founder of which is now a part of


2. Jeremy Page – Accountant & Founder of Envision Financials. Jeremy has  patented  the technology for displaying financial information (think financial statements etc) in 3 dimensions a la “GapMinder” . Jeremy might bring several of his team members to the meeting and is very interested in learning what it takes to be a good analyst.