Consuelo Mack Interview With David Einhorn And Sunday Link-Fest

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David Einhorn

On this week’s Consuelo Mack WealthTrack, a rare television interview with the prescient hedge fund manager who correctly called the precarious condition of financial firms from Allied Capital (to read more about Einhorn’s short of Allied Capital check out David Einhorn’s book (recently updated) Fooling Some of the People All of the Time: A Long Short (and Now Complete) Story) to Lehman Brothers and the financial system as a whole. Greenlight Capital’s David Einhorn discusses the current state of the markets and his investments with host Consuelo Mack. Since inception in 1996, Greenlight has delivered more than a 21% annualized (net of fees) return for its partners.

Einhorn’s FOF Re-positions Portfolio, Makes New Seed Investment In Year Marked By “Speculative Exuberance”

david einhorn, reading, valuewalk, internet, investment research, Greenlight Capital, hedge funds, Greenlight Masters, famous hedge fund owners, big value investors, websites, books, reading financials, investment analysis, shortselling, investment conferences, shorting, short biasIt has not just been rough year for David Einhorn's own fund. Einhorn's Greenlight Masters fund of hedge funds was down 3% net for the first half of 2020, matching the S&P 500's return for those six months. In his August letter to investors, which was reviewed by ValueWalk, the Greenlight Masters team noted that Read More

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