FDR’S Depression Policies

FDR’S Depression Policies

I found an interesting debate on FDR’s policies to fight the great depression. If you love economics you will enjoy this video a lot. I figured this was a good video to watch on labor day if you have some free time.

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I think this topic is a fair debate. However, I will decline from weighing in on my opinion. However, I must say the speaker on the “right” who attacks FDR policies just sticks to some talking points. They could have found a more articulate debater on the topic.


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On July 9, 2010 at the FreedomFest Conference in Las Vegas (www.freedomfest.com), FEE president Lawrence W. Reed debated University of Nevada-Las Vegas economist Bernard Malamud on the subject of the New Deal policies of Franklin Roosevelt. This is a video recording of that 50-minute debate.

FDR’s Depression Policies: Good Deal or Raw Deal? from FEE on Vimeo.

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