Remember To Back Up Your Data!

Remember To Back Up Your Data!

Once in a while I get on a random topic which I think is relevant to the readers but not necessarily finance related. I try not to do it to often because I like to keep the theme of my site strictly finance related, but I think this post is very important for everyone to read. Furthermore, it is especially important if you run a business and store files on your computer.

My friend the other day posted on Facebook a sad story. He unplugged his ipod from the computer without ejecting first and lost 115GB of data!!. That probably consisted of hundreds of pictures, videos and other memories that are now gone.

The story also has relevance for businesses. For a while I was managing a business and had many important files stored on my computer. The computer crashed, and even though I had a warranty they would only replace the computer and not recover my files. I had to contemplate whether to pay $100 for the computer repair store to recover the files or whether to lose the files forever. Luckily most of the files I had backed up online and I only lost a few of the files I needed.

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I think it is prudent for everyone to back up your files. It is important You can do it online but it is annoying and could be a catastrophe. If you back up all your files in Gmail and forget your Gmail password it can be very hard to recover the password. I found an interesting site that sells tons of diffenet electronic storage devices. Whether you are old fashioned and backing up your files on cds, or using memory sticks that hold dozens of gigabits of data it is always vital to back up your data.

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