Looking For Non-US Based Writers


I am glad to announce that the success of Value Walk has exceeded my wildest expectations so far. We launched in January 2010, and now are getting 15,000 unique visitors a month. This is remarkable feat for such a short period of time. But more important than the traffic is the quality of this site. Even though the majority of readers come from the US, and Canada, many readers come to the site from Europe, South America, Australia, and Asia in particular.

I realize there are many value sites on the web, and I appreciate the readers who come to my site on a continuous basis. I think the site would be enhanced if there was a little bit more of an international slant. I want to hear about non-US equities, and so do many readers both from the US and outside the US. I am lucky to have Sandesh, who contributes some great articles from Mumbai, India. Sandesh has an excellent grasp on investing, and offers an interesting perspective for Indian equities. However, Sandesh is busy and there are other markets besides India.

I am looking for a writer who can write about value investing outside the US/Canada that can submit at least an article a week. The articles do not have to be about specific stocks, they could also be about the general investment environment in the country. What I want is quality articles that enhance the site. Your articles will be seen by thousands of viewers. My site is syndicated by many prestigious blog networks, and therefore your articles will appear on Google news, and many other sites. You will be able to network a lot, and maybe even some job offers. I will also post your bio under the about me page. I can offer other benefits for interested writers.

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People both in and outside the US, can also feel free to send me an article from time to time, if it is quality I will post it.

Anyone interested please contact me at jacobwolinsky(at)gmail.com