Everything You Need to Know About The Recent Oil Spill

Everything You Need to Know About The Recent Oil Spill

exxon valdex This is the best charts on the current oil spill, and one of the best charts I have ever seen in my life. It is a super detailed chart detailing the entire oil spill its effects on wildlife, the economy, the water etc.

If you have been following the news of the spill you still probably wont know most of the information contained in this chart. If you have not been following the spill everything up to date that you need to know is here.

I will add in my commentary that is unrelated to the chart. I am not trying to be political here but I find it astounding how little the Federal Government is doing. We are relying on a British company that is based thousands of miles away to try to plug a drill that is fifty miles off our coast. The Government has made no effort to date to try to help British Petroleum. I do not believe the Government has absolutely no resources available that could help British Petroleum. Why is our Government doing so little, besides grilling BP on Capitol Hill and scolding them everyday? BP is at fault and should be held liable, but the Government has to be more involved and it could bill the services it provided to BP.

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Again. this is not political I do not care if it is Bush, Obama, or anyone else in the White House. Either A. The Government is being completely neglegent or B. They do not have the resources or expertise to stop the spill right off our cost and has to rely on a company that is headquatered thousands of miles away. I do not know whether A or B is more frightening.

Kudos to my friend Miguel ofSimoleonSense.com for finding this chart.

The chart can be seen much larger than I was able to display it. You find it on the much larger chart at the following link:


Everything You Need to Know About The Recent Oil Spill

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