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15 Things You Didn’t Know Were British [INFOGRAPHIC]

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British or not?

It would be reasonable enough to argue that because of its relatively small population and size, Great Britain has long been a nation of overachievers.

There are examples of this across multiple different fields. A great recent example is the continuing success of the Great British Olympic team.

At the 2016 Rio games the GB team finished 2nd in the overall medals table, which is staggering when you consider the population in comparison to 3rd placed China (1.357 billion) and 4th placed Russia (143.5 million).

Take a look at this very interesting article from the Guardian which explores why Britain is able to achieve so much on the Olympic stage.

Another example of this overachieving is the success of British inventors and their inventions throughout history.

Scroll through this post from listverse.com which includes things which have been vital to the shaping of the modern world we know today.

A great example is the locomotive. Great Britain was one of the first places to really implement a nationwide rail network which then revolutionised not just public travel, but logistics and sport among many others

However, while the likes of the steam locomotive and the telephone are synonymous with Brits, there are plenty of other groundbreaking inventions which you might not realise were developed by people from the island nation.

You can read all about a number of the most important to modern life in a new infographic from silverdoor.co.uk.

It’s called ‘15 Things You Didn’t Know Were British and you can take a look at it at the bottom of this page.

It covers a range of weird and wonderful inventions. These range from the digital music player to the military tank, the world wide web to the most terrifying of all, the guillotine (Which is surprisingly NOT French!)

15 Things You Didn’t Know Were British

15 Things You Didn't Know Were British

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