‘$1 Billion Club’ Managers Hold 88% Of All Hedge Fund Capital

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‘$1 Billion Club’ Managers Hold 88% Of All Hedge Fund Capital by Preqin

The 668 firms with at least $1bn in assets under management (AUM) now control $2.75tn out of the total $3.13tn held by the hedge fund industry*

Preqin’s latest research into the hedge fund industry finds that the ‘$1bn Club’ of firms holding at least $1bn in assets has grown by 98 firms over the past year, and now accounts for 12% of all hedge fund managers. The proportion of total industry assets held by these funds has declined from 92% in 2015 to 88% in 2016; $1bn Club firms now manage $2.75tn in total AUM, down from $2.78tn at the end of Q1 2015. However, in the same period total hedge fund industry assets have fallen from $3.16tn to $3.13tn, following challenging market conditions, the conversion of some large funds to family offices, and high-profile redemptions from some investors.

Other $1bn Hedge Fund Club Facts:

  • Distribution of Assets: Since 2015, the aggregate AUM of managers in the $10-19.9bn bracket has surpassed managers controlling over $20bn in assets, with these firms holding $675bn and $672bn, respectively. Firms with $1-4.9bn in AUM manage 27% of total industry assets, the largest proportion of any fund size.
  • Asset Flows: The majority (54%) of hedge funds with $1bn or more in assets saw net inflows through Q1 2016, the highest proportion of any fund size. Nine percent of funds with over $1bn in AUM saw no change in assets while 37% saw losses through the quarter.
  • Strategies Employed: Multi-strategy funds are most common among the largest firms of the $1bn Club; 20% of managers with over $20bn in AUM employ multiple strategies compared to 10% holding $1-4.9bn. The largest proportion of assets is invested in equity strategies and the smallest in niche strategies and CTAs.
  • Firms by Location: North America is home to 479 $1bn Club managers, holding just over $2tn in assets while Europe contains 129 members managing $605bn. Asia-Pacific and Rest of World make up the remainder of the Club, with 60 firms in these regions controlling an aggregate $123bn.
  • New Launches: Five firms established in 2015 have already amassed assets of $1bn or more, three of which are spinoffs from existing hedge fund managers. Systematica Investments launched out of BlueCrest Capital in perhaps the most notable spin-off, taking BlueCrest out of the $20bn or more bracket before its conversion to a family office.

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“With the number of managers exceeding $1bn in AUM increasing, the $1bn Club continues to control a substantial proportion of the hedge fund industry’s assets. Newly established firms that can demonstrate a strong pedigree at other $1bn Club firms have entered the Club by obtaining large capital commitments from day one, while more established firms have gained access through asset growth.

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Although the assets managed by the $1bn Club have declined since Preqin’s last update a year ago, the largest hedge funds saw net inflows through Q1 2016, despite big-name hedge fund investors, such as NYCERS, handing in redemptions through the quarter. With investors looking to invest in the largest funds and those with a proven track record through several market cycles, the $1bn Club will look to maintain and built on its leading position within the hedge fund industry in 2016.”

Amy Bensted – Head of Hedge Fund Products, Preqin

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